People will take a job for more pay BUT they will leave it for more recognition!

A defined corporate awards system gives your staff clear goals and targets to strive for. Giving belt buckles as corporate awards not only achieves this system but it gives your staff something unique and stunning to work towards. Employees who receive a buckle will feel a sense of achievement and appreciation. Studies have shown that engaged employees stay with a company 7 times longer than non engaged employees.

Give personalized gifts and present them in person: Studies have shown that personalized gifts that were given in person were more effective than a bonus. The key is to give an award that people want; it is easy to create desire and attach status to a beautiful custom buckle. Belt buckles can be personalized with names and award titles detailing your staff’s outstanding traits. They look impressive and add a certain flair to corporate award dinners.

Provide managers with the necessary information and tools to use the recognition program: Studies show only 14% of companies give their managers the tools to use an employee recognition program. Often times this is why the program fails. Take the time to set up particular awards and gifts that your managers can order and they will use it! Making corporate awards easy will not only increase the amount they are used, but it will also relieve some of your stress. We keep all your orders and designs on file so it’s easy and fast to order.

Let us design corporate awards that will help you improve employee retention and enhance your company’s culture all while boosting productivity and profits!

Give tangible awards:
Tangible awards carry emotional weight and humans remember and connect with emotions strongly. Most companies will give gifts like plaques, hats and jackets; because these items are so common they have less emotional impact. Giving a unique item gives your staff instant status and ensures your award is remembered and valued.

Have meaningful recognition while staying in budget: Companies that rate their recognition programs as “good” typically spend about 1% of their yearly payroll on recognition; this number is spread throughout the year. You don’t have to spend big to get big rewards. Belt buckles come in a wide range of prices and styles allowing you to give a gift that will be worn with pride and truly reflect your company all while staying within budget.

Setting up an employee recognition program can be daunting, one of the best places to start is celebrating tenure: We all know voluntary turn over is high these days, some say as high as 13.5%. So why not celebrate the employee that has been with your company for five years or even more! We have done all the creative work for you and created our Milestone Collection with anniversaries and tenure awards in mind.