Introducing our line of predesigned buckles. These buckles are perfect if you are short on creativity as all the work is done for you.  Just replace the text and figure with your information and you have a great looking buckle, no inspiration or creativity needed! Some of these buckles have added customization allowing you to pick stone color or rim colors. These predesigned buckles are also a great value making them perfect awards for rodeos, 4-H events, corporate celebrations, teams and other groups looking for the best bang for their buck.

These predesigned buckles are created using solid nickel, bronze and copper so the color will never “wear off” the buckle. We create a series of dies for each buckle style and use these dies to stamp in the background details that would otherwise be engraved by hand. Our predesigned buckles use the same high-quality materials and production methods used to create our custom hand engraved buckles so there is no sacrificing quality or durability here. We are so confident in these buckle that they are backed by our exclusive Triple R Lifetime Guarantee.

If you see something you like click on the picture to be taken to our online shop where you can order these predesigned buckles from the comfort of your home.