Hand Engraved Buckles

Olson Silver Company manufactures hand engraved buckles. We only use solid silver and nickel material. This means the silver will never “wear off” our belt buckles. These buckles are covered by our exclusive Triple R Lifetime Guarantee. If anything happens to your buckle we will refurbish, repair or replace it.  Therefore, these buckles make the perfect heirloom piece. They will not only look good but withstand the hard work you do every day.

These hand engraved buckles are individually engraved by one of our talented artists, which means your buckle is truly “one of a kind.”  If you are interested in this process, please watch this video to see a buckle being engraved. We are so very proud to offer individually engraved buckles in the traditional western bright cut style of engraving. All our engraving artists are trained in house by a master engraver therefore you can be sure you are getting a true work of art when you order a hand engraved buckle from us.

This page features only a small sampling of hand engraved buckles we have made in the past.  Use these pictures for inspiration to create the belt buckle of your dreams. Our design team is happy to work with you to design your unique hand engraved buckle that reflects your style and imagination. Our design team can work from rough sketches, photos of other buckles, or just a basic description of what you like. We specialize in creating unique western belt buckles using brands, photos, names, birthstones, and overlays in a variety of metals just to name a few. The sky is limit! Get started on your buckle design today by clicking the get a quote button below and someone from our team will be in contact within three business days.