Merchandise Options Military custom belt buckle
Merchandise Option Custom Belt Buckle

Are you looking for new merchandise with a unique flair to help you stand out from the crowd?  Why sell t-shirts, pens and mugs when you can create custom belt buckles representing your group.  These buckles are created with your group and needs in mind and are the perfect addition to your sales options.  They are backed by our Triple R Lifetime Guarantee so you know they will last a lifetime and be treasured by your members and fans.

Although belt buckles are typically thought of as western we can use unique finishes and elements to make the buckles less western.  We find many local groups like the idea of using a belt buckle as merchandise not only because they are beautiful and practical but because it is a subtle nod to the local heritage and culture. We have worked with many groups including sports teams, military branches, museums and political parties just to name a few.

These merchandise buckles can be created in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be made from nickel or sterling silver and can use bronze, copper, nickel, sterling silver and 10Kt gold as accents.  Because we have so many material and design options they can be made to work within almost any budget. We suggest you browse around our site to gather inspiration and ideas.  Keep in mind elements from different buckles can be combined to create something entirely new and unique just for you. Once you have a general idea what you like call or email us to discuss your specific needs and wants and our design team will get to work creating you a spectacular piece that is sure to impress.

*These designs belong to the group that have commissioned them, we do not sell these buckles if you would like to purchase one please contact the associated group*

Custom belt Buckle for Merchandise
Merchandise Option Custom Belt buckle
Merchandise Option Custom belt Buckle